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reliable, efficient, and low maintenance

Solar carports utilize existing outdoor parking areas and/or structures for solar energy production via solar panels. A carport system can successfully take advantage of accessible space without impeding parking and transportation and can be a effective solution when rooftop installation is not an option.

Existing carports can be utilized for mounting solar panels or a solar carport can be specifically designed and installed to suit a particular parking area, configured for maximum coverage and alignment with the sun. Solar panels may be mounted using a fixed rack or a tracker, depending on the location of the property; fixed racks hold panels stationary, either flush-mounted or tilted for exposure, while trackers tilt panels as needed in the direction of the sun for maximum exposure. Installed panels may be either flat plate collectors or concentrating collectors, depending on the volume of energy to be produced. A mounting site of at least 2,500 square feet can typically host a 30 kilowatt (kW) solar power system that will generate approximately $6,000 of solar energy each year.

Solar carport systems are extremely reliable, efficient, and low-maintenance, with a typical lifetime of at least 30 years. In addition to generating solar energy while maintaining usability of valuable real estate, solar carports provide shade and protection for sunlit parking lots.

If you are considering a solar carport, Kirchoff Green Energy will conduct a Solar Energy Audit, inspecting and analyzing the property’s size and current energy consumption. Based on this analysis, we can then provide an estimate of savings that can be generated by utilizing a solar carport system and recommend a design or configuration best suited for the space and your needs.

There are a number of State and Federal tax benefits, including deductions, grants, loans, and credits, available for commercial clients considering installation of a solar energy system.