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Solar trackers can be employed to increase production of solar energy, enabling solar panels to collect sun light longer and with greater accuracy. While fixed solar panels are configured for maximum exposure to the sun, they remain stationary; solar trackers, on the other hand, rotate and tilt panels as the sun moves across the sky, optimizing energy collection.

Fixed panels can miss up to 75% of the sun’s energy in the morning and evening due to temporary misalignment, but a single-axis tracker rotating east to west can greatly reduce energy losses. These trackers can increases energy output by approximately 30% each year. Like the single-axis tracker, dual-axis trackers rotate east to west to account for the sun’s daily movements, but dual-axis trackers also account for the sun’s annual north-south movements, improving annual output by at least an additional 6%.

Solar trackers can be utilized with a variety of solar panel mounting systems, including roof mounts, pole mounts, and carports, and are used in approximately 85% of commercial solar energy installations greater than 1MW. Installed panels may be either flat plate collectors or concentrating collectors, depending on the volume of energy to be produced. Trackers are available in a number of configuration types and selection is based on a variety of factors including installation size, latitude, and local weather.

If you are considering a solar energy system utilizing solar trackers, Kirchhoff Green Energy will conduct a Solar Energy Audit, inspecting and analyzing your property’s size and current energy consumption. Based on this analysis, we can then provide an estimate of savings that can be generated by utilizing a pole mounted solar energy system and recommend a design or configuration best suited for your needs.

There are a number of State and Federal tax benefits, including deductions, grants, loans, and credits, available for commercial clients considering installation of a solar energy system.